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About Foundation

Our foundation is grounded in the belief that art holds transformative power. Through its universal language, art has the ability to engage our rational side, instilling in us respect and noble attitudes toward diversity. Art allows us to become more sensitive to the needs of others and better equipped for meaningful dialogue.

Foundation Board

waldemar paturej

Waldemar Paturej


malgorzata ohme

Małgorzata Ohme

Vice President

Foundation Council

anna karolska

Anna Karolska

Council Member

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Katarzyna Wachowiak-Ochmańska

Council Member

Foundation Social Council

dorota hryniewiecka firlej foundation

Dorota Hryniewiecka-Firlej

Chairman of the Social Council

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piotr bogdanowicz removebg preview

Prof. Piotr Bogdanowicz

Social Council Member

aleksander edelman

Aleksander Edelman

Social Council Member

iwona guzowska new

Iwona Guzowska

Social Council Member

Our Mission and Values

Our mission is to develop social sensitivity and empathy, promoting solidarity and cooperation in times of crisis, such as the ongoing war in Ukraine. We are committed to working every day to uphold our shared values.

Objectives and Rules

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Power of Art and Dialogue

At our organization, we are dedicated to promoting social justice, peace, and understanding across all cultures and communities. Through our initiatives, we strive to mobilize the public to support those in need and build understanding of the situations faced by people affected by conflict. We believe that promoting peace, tolerance, and respect for human rights is critical to achieving a just and equitable world. By fostering meaningful dialogue, we aim to reach every generation and sensitize both children and adults to the values that matter most, including freedom, independence, and respect for human rights.

Art is a powerful tool that we utilize to open people’s hearts and minds to important issues, encouraging dialogue, deeper understanding, and rational decision-making.

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Our Actions